Why choose Us

Seven Reasons to Choose Enigma Financial Planning Wollongong

    Highly Qualified

  1. Our highly qualified, knowledgeable team are Your Trusted Financial Advisers

    When it comes to your finances, with Enigma Financial Planning you’re assured your adviser is not just highly experienced and qualified, but also friendly and compassionate to your personal situation, whatever it may be.

  2. Accounting Experience

  3. Accountant qualified means we can create better, more effective strategies for your finances

    Not all financial planners also have experience as accountants, which means we’re uniquely qualified to provide you with detailed insights into effective tax strategies in addition to other financial planning areas.

  4. Strong Communication

  5. Our focus is on communication so the process is relatable, fun and exciting for you

    Numbers don’t have to be boring and you don’t have to settle for a financial planner who talks at you in jargon. Our advisers make it simple, easy and clear so you can get involved in your own financial journey.

  6. Long Term Relationship

  7. We aim for long term relationships built by looking to the future

    Regular meetings to plan for the future, while taking the time to be motivated from the past, means you’re kept on track while heading towards your financial goals. Meetings can be in our office in Wollongong, at our Sydney office in Circular Quay, via phone or Skype - you choose what suits you best.

  8. Backed by AMP

  9. We’re small enough to get to know you personally, but have the backing of nationwide firm AMP

    At our heart we’re a local, Wollongong-based financial planning office staffed by locals who are part of our community. But that doesn’t mean our clients can expect small results! We’re backed by AMP so have access to a large range of planning tools and a broad range of financial products and services from multiple organisations. Unlike bank planners, we are not tied to specific 'in-house' products.

  10. Range of Services

  11. We understand that you have a range of needs so we offer services to look after it all for you

    We're all about making your financial life easier. We use proven systems and services to help you, including bank account structuring, cash flow management, controlling debt, superannuation and investment planning, personal insurances and estate planning...all under the one roof. 

  12. Cost Effective Solutions

  13. We offer a cost-effective fixed fee structure, where everything included, so you know where you stand.

    It is important to us that clients receive clear and transparent services. We think that you should know upfront exactly what you'll be getting, and how much you will pay for it. No awkward or unexpected surprises.