Superannuation Doesn’t Have To Be Confusing. At Enigma Financial Planning We Make It as Simple as Possible to Ensure Your Super Is Taken Care Of

  • Confused or concerned about your super contributions?
  • Not sure where all your super is located and if there’s enough there to retire on?
  • Wondering if you’re getting real value for your super fund fees?
  • Thinking the whole thing is just too complicated?

Superannuation is one of those things that most people don’t tend to think too much about until it comes time to retire because it seems too hard or complicated. It often seems easier to just let your employer make the required contributions and not worry about it.

However having an understanding of your superannuation fund, the default insurance covers included and where your money is being invested can mean the difference between having enough put aside for a comfortable lifestyle in retirement vs having to work for many more years than you expected.

It’s never too early, or too late, to put in place an effective superannuation plan!

How can Enigma Financial Planning help with your superannuation goals?

  • Personalised Advice: By providing personalised advice, tailored to your specific needs and goals - a 'no one size fits all' approach! It needs to be about you and your unique situation.
  • Superannuation Planning: Working with you to create a superannuation plan designed to support your retirement plans.
  • Industry Specific Guidance: Working with you to navigate the changing legislation and superannuation rules.
  • Growing Super: Share with you the ways you can grow your superannuation outside of the minimum contributions, so you can have more put aside.
  • Striking A Balance: Help you find the right balance between getting value from your super fund and default insurance cover, and achieving your retirement goals.
  • Cut Out The Jargon: Speak in plain English, without the confusing jargon surrounding super and tax.
  • Understanding Legislation: Help with understanding the legislation around superannuation so you know you’re meeting your obligations and getting the most from your contributions.

Request your discounted financial health check with one of our financial planners to discuss where your super is right now and how you can start working towards your retirement goals.

Want to read up on super? Download our free superannuation report.