Retirement planning

Planning For Retirement Doesn’t Need To Be Overwhelming With Help from Enigma Financial Planning

  • Are you getting close to retirement and concerned about how you will live the lifestyle you are accustomed to, on a pension?
  • Are you wondering how much money you will need to retire on and how you’ll manage your income when you do retire?

It’s a fairly common concern to worry about the seemingly constant changes to legislation around superannuation and the pension and how it will affect the planning you already have in place for your retirement, whether that’s still a long way down the track or fast approaching. We understand that this uncertainty can be stressful and that understanding this legislation and confidence in your financial planning brings a great sense of relief.

At Enigma Financial Planning we’re here to help you set yourself up for retirement regardless of your life stage. If you are worried about running out of time to accumulate enough superannuation or savings, aren’t sure if you should stop working now or the best way to transition to retirement or aren’t sure about your Centrelink entitlements and how to best handle them, request a free consultation with one of our team to chat about it today.

Still a while away from retirement

  • Review: Review your financial situation.
  • Goal Setting: Help set short and long term financial goals.
  • Calculating: Look at how much money you will need in retirement based on the lifestyle you outline.
  • Recognise Your Outgoings: Identify your income and commitments.
  • Create a Spending Plan: Work with you to develop a spending plan and investment strategy to achieve your short-term goals, and recommend strategies to accumulate the amount you need to meet your retirement plans.
  • Insurance Review: Review and recommend appropriate insurance.
  • Estate Planning: Discuss the estate planning considerations for your situation.

5-10 years until retirement:

  • Calculate Your Retirement Funding Needs: Establish when you want to retire, and look at how much you need. Or work out when you can retire based on your plans.
  • Retirement Savings Plan: Establish a plan to accumulate enough retirement savings within your timeframe.
  • Look At Your Options: Review and recommend retirement income products so you can manage your money in retirement, and make sure you can maximise any entitlements to social security benefits.
  • Insurance Review: Review and recommend appropriate insurance.
  • Estate Planning Check: Advise whether you need to talk to a solicitor to create a comprehensive estate plan or update your current estate plan.

Ready to retire:

  • Monitoring: Monitor your investments and retirement income.
  • Keep You Up To Date With Changes: Provide regular updates about social security changes that might affect you.
  • Keep On Top Of Paperwork: Help you with all the relevant paperwork, so that you can enjoy your retirement.

Whatever stage of life you’re at, it’s always a good time to think about the future and how you’re going to fund your retirement. Request your discounted financial health check today to discuss your plans with one of our team.

Want to read up more about planning for your retirement? Download our free retirement planning report.