Got Questions? You’ll find the Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions Below

  1. What can I expect?
    • You can expect your financial planner at Enigma Financial Planning to be highly qualified, honest and transparent at all times throughout your financial planning journey.
    • We take as much time as needed to truly understand your personal situation to provide relevant, practical solutions to put you in a better financial position.
  2. What do I need to bring to my first meeting?
    • We will provide you with a welcome pack before your meeting that explains all the information to bring with you, in order to get the most out of your time.
    • The most common items we request are:

      • Your most recent payslip
      • Your most recent income tax return
      • A list of your bank accounts and current balances
      • A list of personal debts and current balances (e.g. credit cards, personal loans, car loans)
      • A list of your recurring monthly expenses (e.g. mobile phone, rent or mortgage payments)
  3. I see that you are licensed by Alliance Wealth. What does that mean?
    • We are part of a national financial adviser network, which has significant resources for us to use in providing high quality advice to our clients.
    • This means that we are able to access the resources, research and technology of a national firm, while providing a personalised service to our clients efficiently and effectively.
    • Centrepoint Alliance stands behind the advice that we provide, giving our clients peace of mind that we are accountable for our recommendations.
    • We are able to provide recommendations on an extensive list of product providers, to ensure that we are providing suitable products for your situation.
    • An approval process is available that allows us to provide advice and recommendations on products that may be more suitable to your specific situation, but which are not on our Approved Product List. This ensures that we are always working for your benefit, and not that of the product provider.
  4. How long does the process take, from first meeting to implementation of advice?
    • We aim to have your strategies implemented as soon as possible, to ensure your financial journey gets on track at the first opportunity.
    • Our standard service timeframes from first meeting to completion can be as short as 2 weeks where no external providers are involved, or more commonly 6 to 8 weeks where a range of external applications need to be made.
    • Our service timeframes may be longer or shorter, depending on factors such as the complexity of the advice and the particular products we are recommending.
    • We try to keep our meetings as efficient as possible and often only need 45 to 60 minutes per meeting. However, we always want to ensure that our clients understand the relevant concepts and are comfortable with our recommendations, so we are happy to take as much time as needed to ensure that you leave our meetings with all your questions answered.
  5. How involved do I need to be at each stage of the process?
    • Since every financial journey is unique and personal, our hope is that each client is fully engaged on their own pathway and excited by the achievement of each outcome and goal, whatever that may be for you.
    • Given that the current legislative and legal environments are extremely prescriptive on the minimum advice requirements, you may find that even the most uncomplicated financial plan comes with a large amount of paperwork that we are obligated to provide to you. Our commitment is to keep your paperwork to an absolute minimum by cutting through the relevant issues at hand, and provide a seamless back-end process wherever possible.
  6. How do you charge?
    • At Enigma Financial Planning we are proud of our open and transparent fee structure where all costs are disclosed candidly and upfront. We have no illusions about the value that we provide our clients, and we believe that you should have no illusions about any costs to you.
    • Enigma Financial Planning charges a ‘fee for service’ on initial and ongoing advice, and we may also receive commissions from product providers where we recommend certain products.
    • We provide a number of service offerings and our clients are able to choose the level of service most relevant to each particular situation.
  7. Will you take care of all the paperwork, or do I need to handle this myself?
    • Just as each client situation is unique, we understand that some clients are keen to handle their own paperwork to implement their financial strategy and products, while others prefer to have as little to do with paperwork as possible. At Enigma Financial Planning we are comfortable to be guided by each client’s preference.
  8. How often do we meet?
    • Although Enigma Financial Planning is based in Wollongong (NSW), we are able to offer a number of meeting options, including face-to-face meetings at our office, clients’ homes or other convenient locations; Skype and other online platforms are becoming increasingly preferred by our clients who enjoy the convenience that these platform options provide, not to mention our satisfactory reviews from interstate clients; and we are not shy of dealing with our clients over the humble telephone.
    • Although it is possible to complete most of the documentation and paperwork without ever meeting, our preference is to meet at least two times when providing initial advice, or at least once per year when providing ongoing advice. We have found that most clients are eager to meet three to four times when providing initial advice.
  9. What if I don’t “click” with my planner?
    • As with any relationship, both sides must be comfortable with each other to ensure a successful and long-lasting association. For this reason we provide an obligation-free initial consultation, in which we evaluate whether we are the right ‘fit’ and that we are able to provide true value to each of our clients.
    • We are proud to have strong relationships with many local and national businesses, and are more than happy to provide alternative options for anyone who feels that our values and goals are not aligned.