Estate planning

No One Likes To Think About It, But Having Your Estate Plan In Order Will Make a Difficult Time for Your Loved Ones A Little Easier When the Time Comes

  • Have you created a will outlining your wishes when you or your partner die?
  • Has your situation changed at all since the last time you updated your will?
  • Are you concerned about who will receive your assets and how these will be distributed should you or your partner die?
  • Do you want to structure your estate for maximum tax benefits?
  • Do you have written instructions for your loved ones about the type of medical treatment you would like, when you aren't able to make your intentions known at the time? 

Many people put off estate planning thinking they have all the time in the world to worry about it. But unexpected events happen all the time, so it’s really important for both your peace of mind and that of your family, that you have an effective and up-to-date estate plan.

If you’ve gotten married, had a child, had a change in your financial situation, acquired assets or purchased property since the last time your

How can Enigma Financial Planning help with planning your estate?

  • Referrals to Legal Specialists: We work closely with a number of esteemed legal firms in the Illawarra, to ensure your estate is dealt with according to your wishes and intentions.
  • Understanding The Key Roles: Help in understanding the difference between different key roles in your estate plan, such as powers of attorney and guardianship, and why each have their place and are important considerations.
  • Make Sure Your Wishes Are Clear: Making sure it’s clear what your wishes and intentions are when it comes to your estate, so that you and your family have peace of mind that all bases are covered.
  • Understand The Process: Help in understanding the estate planning process, who the beneficiaries are, and how the administration process works so you can be confident in your decisions.
  • Strategic Decision Making: Discussing with you the strategic decisions that are best made while you’re capable and clear minded.
  • Understanding Tax Procedures: Clarify how the tax process works and how to manage it effectively.
  • Clarify and Answer Your Questions: Make sure you understand all aspects of your estate plan, in order to make the best decisions for your unique needs.

Don’t delay in making the crucial decisions about your estate. Request your discounted financial health check with one of our financial planners today.

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