Cash Flow Management

Know Where Your Money Is Going and How You Can Get Ahead with the Help of Enigma Financial Planning’s Cash Flow Management Advice

  • Do you need help setting and sticking to a budget?
  • Find yourself living payday to payday with no chance to save?
  • Worried about balancing your debts and budget?

Living with debt or living month to month with no clear idea of where your money is going is stressful, but with the right tools, knowledge and advice you can reduce your financial worries and get on a clearer path towards your goals.

Budgeting may seem boring on the face of it, but you’d be surprised how interesting it can be to sit down and really determine where your money is going each month and then work out where savings can be made to help you reduce debt and start to put a little aside each pay check.

How can Enigma Financial Planning Help you with cash flow management?

  • Budgeting: Help in working out where your money is going, and how to create a realistic budget so you can track and plan.
  • Saving & Investing: Determine how much money you could be saving or investing.
  • Spending Plan: Assistance with setting up a spending plan so you are in a position of knowing how much you can safely spend.
  • Debt Reduction: Help deciding which debts to pay off first to get you ahead faster and paying less interest.
  • Set Goals: Goal setting and management to create accountability for you.
  • Cash Flow Tools: Cash flow tools to help with your day to day living as well as future planning.
  • Passive Income Creation: Help with creating streams of passive income so you have more money to work with.

Ready to get your cash flow in order? Request your discounted financial health check with one of our financial planners and find out how much better off you could potentially be with a realistic budget and cash flow tools in place.

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